Funs Troll Akothee Badly, Tell her to Stop Advising Them to Work Hard as She Lured Old Mzungu for Her Wealth

Kenyans have trolled popular musician Esther Akoth well known as Akothee Madam Boss after calling upon women to work hard and for their money and be independent.

Akothee is known for her zero chills when dealing with her haters and on most occasions, she has the best reaction that puts some logic into people’s heads despite the fact that she doesn’t use very kind words.

Madam Boss took a swipe at her fans who questioned her why all her relationships don’t work and her response ignited a heated debate as she was quick to respond that she has not asked how our mothers managed men before meeting our fathers adding that doesn’t live a fake life.

Akothee’s response did not dub her fans well with a number telling her to stop preaching water and taking wine insisting that it’s an old mzungu who changed her life after admitting that she was bought an apartment worth Ksh 45 million.

Fans told her she should advise them on how to outsmart men because that’s the only difficult task stating that it’s not easy to make it on your own.

Others stated that luring old men with money is also a very difficult hustle.

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