Moses Kuria: Nobody talked about another Kikuyu President in Thika

Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria has dismissed a headline appearing on the Saturday Nation, claiming the meeting held at Thika on Friday, by Mt Kenya MPs resolved the region will field a Presidential Candidate in 2022. The MP said their Thika meeting was specifically one on development and the passed revenue allocation formula.

”In view of the passage of the 3rd generation formula for revenue sharing, yesterday we kicked off a series of meetings as MPs and leaders from Mt Kenya region to discuss the repositioning of our core counties with the additional resources that will ultimately come with the new formula.

This was only the first of such meetings that will take place in the next few weeks,” Kuria wrote.

The MP, who has stayed away from public meeting by the DP said Mt Kenya, just like any other had a right to meet to discuss affairs of their people. He also claimed whenever leaders from Mt Kenya meet, it i always accompanied by misinformation and suspicions.

”Undoubtedly other regions will do the same. It is an inalienable right of every region to meet and chart the best way forward to uplift the lives of their people. Yet, sadly, when Mt Kenya meets its followed by suspicion, misinformation, innuedo and propaganda,” he said.

”There was no politics- Absolutely None- at Thika Greens yesterday, let alone succession politics. Why the Daily Nation chose to run with Fake News as a Headline and even quote shadowy, expired characters who were not at the meeting is baffling,” the MP added.


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