DP Ruto’s Kolilel Farm, Taveta Ranch reason President Uhuru handed over KMC to the military

    Koilel Farm belonging to Deputy President William Ruto is the reason behind President Uhuru Kenyatta transferred the Kenya Meat Commission to be managed by the KDF, the Kenyan Report can authoritatively reveal.

    According to documents seen by this writer, Ruo’s eldest son Nick was listed as a beneficiary in a scheme that would have seen the DP supply over 10,000 heads of cattle to the cash strapped parastatal.

    According to sources, Ruto corroborated with some officials from the Kenya Meat Commission to supply the cattle which he has been keeping at his controversial Taita Taveta ranch, purchased from former MP Basil Criticos.

    When he got wind of this, President Kenyatta had to act in time to prevent KMC going through a similar fate to the NCPB, where the same farm (Kiolel) was accused of stealing from farmers. KMC already awarded an LPO of Sh 175millon.

    Ruto’s Taveta ranch is located in Mata Ward, 27 kilometres from Taveta town, on the Taveta-Jipe Road and borders the huge Criticos ranch and neighboring Lake Jipe to the South.

    Those familiar with the DP’s activities say he had started rearing cattle and goats in the ranch and the farm’s management has also planted huge acres of pasture for the livestock. In January this year, locals accused the DP of diverting villagers’ water into his farm.

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