Why Uhuru sidelined Ruto, invited Raila to State House instead

    It was an unusual sight seeing ODM leader Raila Odinga, an outsider in government be invited to State House by President Uhuru Kenyatta to be part of a meeting of high profile regime officials and elected leaders, including CoG Chair Wycliffe Oparanya, to discuss government agenda.

    Unlike the official meetings President Uhuru holds in his official residence, this one was different.It was the first time President Uhuru was allowing the ODM leader in a meeting attended by Jubilee Party leaders in the Senate.

    According to sources, President Kenyatta intentionally invited the former PM and knowingly ignored his Deputy. Revenue allocation debate has taken a fiercely political angle and the Head of State has not only decided to mobilize state machinery towards this cause, but he is now mobilizing his political machinery, with the help of Odinga.

    It is on record DP Ruto and his men opposing the proposed formula, yet he is a member of President Kenyatta’s party. It is for this reason that the president thought his presence was not needed at the meeting.

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