PHOTOS: Are Kikuyus the ‘Watu Flani’ DP Ruto and his men keep referring to?

    Leaders of the Hustler Nation, led by Deputy President William Ruto have identified a group of Kenyans whom they identify as ‘Watu Flani’ (some people) as being against their 2022 bid. In all their public speeches, the ‘watu flani’ phrase is always repeated by members of the Tanga Tanga, especially legislators from the Rift Valley.

    ”I have been asking people to tell me who #WatuFlani are. We do not have a common answer. Some think it’s a particular family. Others think it’s a particular economic community. Others fear it’s a certain ethnic community,” Nyeri MP Ngunjiri Wambugu opines.

    The MP who is also the founder Kieleweke, a faction in Jubilee Party aligned to President Uhuru Kenyatta rebuked DP Ruto and his men for using the phrase to separate Kenyans. He wondered why DP Ruto’s supporters are justifying the use of this phrase and found it dangerous too.

    ”This ambiguity is dangerous.What I find even more dangerous is that those justifying the use of this phrase – #WilliamRuto supporters specifically – imagine it is okay if it means #DYNASTIES. But who are #Dynasties? Is it one family; or two; or four? Is it all those families who have had family members in political office in the past? Or is it those families whose family members are in political office now?” the MP posed.

    MP Wambugu also reminded leaders that if they had any problem with any politician they should not profile their family or ethnic community. Neither should they incite Kenyans against their siblings or attack his mother.

    ”You can’t profile an entire family, (even if it’s a dynasty), you can’t profile an entire economic sector (rich or poor); and you CERTAINLY CANNOT profile an entire ethnic community,” he said.

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