Murathe: We are working to ensure Ruto does not become President in 2022

    Jubilee Vice Chairperson David Murathe reveals there are powerful both within and outside the government who are working round the clock to ensure DP Ruto does not become president, and he is one of them.

    While speaking to Citizen TV from Malindi on Tuesday night, Murathe said the DP had been tested and he has nothing to show, which warrants him to be president.

    ”He (Ruto) has been on probation, he has been tested and during that time they were trying to see if he would take over, but look the jury is out there,” Murathe said.

    The former Gatnga MP who is very close to the Head of State says President Uhuru has the responsibility of ensuring he hands over the country to right person when he retires in 2022.

    ” When you are the president, you have an obligation to look around and determine who is the right person to take over from you……when you leave the country in the wrong hands people will blame you,”   Murathe added, saying he does not person differences with the DP. He has also strongly questioned Ruto’s integrity.

    “Look at the scandals, the Weston Hotel land, the Ruai public land….when all these things follow you and you shamelessly walk around while you are number two, what will you do when you become number one?” Murathe said.

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