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Murathe announces plans to compete with DP Ruto for the presidential ticket

Jubilee vice-chairman David Murathe broke his silence on the perceived foul relationship with Deputy President William Ruto.

 The former Gatanga law-maker and a darling to President Uhuru Kenyatta said he had nothing personal against the second in command.

Speaking to Citizen TV yesterday, September 1,  the influential Jubilee official said he can challenge the DP for the ruling party’s presidential ticket in 2022.

“I don’t have a personal issue with the deputy president. When Moi was running around in 2002 he said about the former vice president then George Saitoti…He said Saitoti was his friend but leadership is different.”

“Concerning Uhuru’s promise that he would hand over to Ruto…That was their agreement but the DP himself has said he is open to competition. People can challenge him…I can challenge him myself…There are also so many other people who are willing to challenge him for the ticket,” Murathe said.

He further stated that the DP should toe the line or ship out, if he is not contented with the recent party positions, adding that he should not belittle them.

“shape up or ship out” if he was not comfortable with some of the positions taken by the party in the recent past. I remember he said we are junior members of Jubilee but how can junior members run him out of town? When the party leader (Uhuru) expresses himself on an issue that is the party position and if he (DP Ruto) doesn’t like it he should ship out,” Murathe added.

The second in command demanded that any official who was supporting Raila should walk out of the party and meet him at the ballot.

 “Those at Jubilee House who have decided that their presidential candidate is from Orange House should pack and go; what are they still doing at our party’s head office? Bado mnatuongelesha nini? (why are you engaging us?). My friend, this is a democratic country. If you have chosen that your candidate is in Orange House, do the honorable thing, walk out of Jubilee, go to Orange House. We shall meet at the ballot,” he said.  

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    Written by Fred Orido

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