Waiguru awards Kirinyaga MCAs with millions at a truce party

    Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru has awarded each MCA 20M shillings in what is called a ‘Ward Development Fund’. This comes after months of misunderstanding and war between Waiguru and the MCAs, something which saw her impeached.

    According to a source from Kirinyaga County Assembly, the Governor threw a Nyama Choma truce party where a number of political decisions were made.

    ‘This was a truce party. Each MCA to be awarded 20M as a Ward Development Fund,” the source says.

    On August 20th, EACC detectives raided the embattled Governor’s residence in search of new evidence in her corruption case, something which she strongly condemned.

    “I have been here before. I have been used as a decoy before. The plot failed then and it will fail now. Wild allegations are thrown around only to come empty of even the basic proof,” she said on her current woes.

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