Orengo answers DP Ruto, says fight against corruption is not about politics

    Siaya Senator James Orengo has thrown his weight behind President Uhuru Kenyatta’s directive to have the Covid-19 Millionaires scandal fully probed and closed within 21 days.

    Taking to social media on Tuesday, the Minority Leader in the Senate says the fight against corruption is not about opportunistic and politically correct prosecutions.

    ”The President has spoken firmly on timelines for KEMSA investigations. The fight against grand corruption is not about opportunistic and politically correct prosecutions. You must hit the cobra on the head. Touch the viper’s tail and you are bitten,” Orengo said. The DP had alleged during an interview with Citizen TV’s Joe Ageyo that ODM Party should not talk about the KEMSA sandal since they were the ‘former Opposition’.

    Separately, while speaking in the same interview, the DP for the first time spoke about his thawed relationship with the President. Affirming that he was supposed to take a back seat in the various state roles and allow the head of state to build and have a legacy.

    “We had UhuruRuto, it was agreed that we may need to tone down on the Ruto part so that we could have Uhuru stand out as the leader of Government,” he explained.

    “My life is easy…You have not heard me complain… The situation between the President and myself is agreed upon…In the 1st term, it was Uhuruto… In the 2nd term, we want to build a legacy for the President…I am the DP and I know my place,” he added.

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