Sonko eats a humble pie after Uhuru’s firm “Sonko wacha siasa, huyu ni generali wangu” warning [Video]

    Nairobi County Governor Mike Sonko has finally eaten a humble pie and apologized to Nairobi Metropolitan Services Boss General Mohamed Badi after a serious dress down by President Uhuru Kenyatta.

    In a meeting that was attended by both the governor and the NMS boss at KICC, the two pledged to put aside their differences and agreed to work together moving forward.  

    The president urged the two who have been fueding to work together in delivering better services for the county, noting that NMS has made tremendous efforts in delivering for the city residents.

    This is why I want these two (Badi and Sonko) to work together. Sonko, stop playing politics. The General has no interest in your seat or that of any MCA. He is my General and when he finishes this work I will send him back to KDF to continue defending Kenyans,” stated the president.

    Sonko apologized   for all the wrong doings to General Badi and his foul utterances, attributing them to bad politics and negative perceptions fueled by fellow politicians.

    “Maneno yote mabaya nimeongea kwa ndugu yangi Badi namwambia pole. Wanasiasa waliingilia katikati, siasa  mbaya.
    “Haja yetu sisi ni maendeleo and going forward we will work together to serve Nairobi people.” Sonko said as captured in the video below, courtesy of The Star.

    Badi on his side said he leaves behind all the bad deeds that had happened between him, and Governor Sonko and agrees to foster a healthy working relationship between him and Sonko moving forward.

    “There is no hate between us and as you have heard our interest is to deliver services to the people of Nairobi and bring development,” said Badi.

    He declared that they will now be seen more often together with Sonko working together and even confirmed the launching of Michuki Park on Friday.

    “Moving forward we will be on the ground together and that is what is expected of us to bring development in Nairobi,” Badi added.

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