Kingi: Coast based party not solution to coast problems.

Magarini Member of Parliament Michael Kingi has come out strongly to discourage those advocating for the formation of a new coast based political party, terming it as a waste of time as it would still be fruitless when it comes to addressing coast people’s issues.

Speaking during an interview with Baraka FM, the Magarini legislator urged Coastal leaders to first seek unity as a leadership before charting a way forward.

“We need to make a resolution to speak with one voice as a people of we are serious about addressing our issues as a region…” Said Mr. Kingi.

There has been a heated debate at the Kenyan Coast after a few members from the region threatened to ditch Raila Odinga’s ODM party following disagreements over the generation formula as proposed by the commission for revenue allocation.

Mr. Kingi maintains that the Coast region leadership does not need to form a new political party but needs to operate in unison in order to increase the region’s bargaining power in national politics.

“I am advocating for the people of this region to embrace each other and work as a unit. The Coast region already has existing parties including Shirikisho Party of Kenya, Devolution party of Kenya and Kadu Asili. However, they have all been useless since we’re divided as a region” added Kingi.

This came after a section of coastal leaders threatened to quit the ODM and form their own party after accusing the Raila party of betraying them.

They said the new party will give the region a stronger bargaining power in crucial national matters such as discussions on the proposed revenue allocation formula and formation of parliamentary leadership.

“Although we have our own issues with how ODM is treating us, when a child gets of age, he builds his own ‘simba’ and move to eventually establish a home,” said Kilifi North MP Owen Baya.

The MP, who is leading Vuguvugu la Mageuzi Pwani that will eventually see Coast legislators exit from ODM, said their recent statements served as a notice that they will soon walk out of the Orange party.

Coast MPs, including some from Jubilee, have complained about how ODM senators from Raila Odinga’s backyard voted for the contentious revenue sharing formula which they noted could serve to marginalise their region.

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