Bloodshed, chaos and death as Sonko-Badi clash again

    The war between Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko and Nairobi Metropolitan Services Boss Gen. Badi heightened with the latest demolitions that left one dead, several injured and over 5000 people homeless.

    On Tuesday 4th Aug 2020, Sonko condemned the Mukuru slum demolitions carried out by the NMS boss to pave way for the road expansion in the informal settlement leaving over 5000 families homeless.

    In his statement through his spokesman Ben Mulwa, Sonko said that a section of powerful corrupt and heartless individuals in the government carried out the demolitions, adding that as a government they won’t sit back and watch.

    “We are seeing a situation where some powerful and corrupt individuals seem not to care at all. As a county government, we will not sit and watch again. If they continue like this we are ready to fight them till the end,” he declared.

    He championed for the demolitions to be carried out within the law, with proper planning and giving out prior eviction notices to the residents before the demolitions.

    “We support the ongoing efforts to transform Nairobi, but everything must be done within the law. This is because those that are responsible for the demolitions are marking the properties to be brought down today and show up tomorrow at dawn without giving these residents sufficient notice,” added Sonko.

    On the contrary, the NMS through its director of communications Tony Mbarire distanced itself from the incident, citing the death was as a result of an accident since they did not evict anyone forcefully.

    “The man was bringing down his own structure when he had the accident. NMS was not involved and we have not had any forceful evictions in Mukuru,” Mbarire stated.

    Mukuru kwa Reuben MCA Evans Otiso however stated that the man was killed while salvaging his property from a building that was collapsing.

    “More time should have been given. We support the construction of roads in the city by NMS but this is a disaster because someone lost their life,” he conveyed.

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