Kenyans Tear Jubilee Party Apart, Team up to Defend Sakaja, Murkomen After Claims to Kick Them from Jubilee Emerged

    Kenyans have ganged up to defend the Elgeyo Marakwet Senator Kipchimba Murkomen and bid Nairobi counterpart Senator Johnson Sakaja after threats from the ruling Jubilee party to kick them out of the party.

    Jubilee party vice Chairman David Murathe issued threats that the Jubilee senators who voted against the party’s stand on County Revenue Allocation formula risk being suspended from the party.

    Murathe further stated that the party would take stern action against any leader who shoots down the proposed revenue allocation.

    “We are not yet done, we will deal with the senators for going against the party position. They will have themselves to blame for their parochial decisions. We will kick them out of the party. Read our party constitution, it gives room to deal with them, ” Murathe stated.

    Murathe’s threats seemed to had landed in deaf ears as Murkomen together with the other senators maintained their stand on County revenue allocation formula supporting the adjournment of the motion.

    Murathe’s sentiment to take disciplinary actions against the senators who rejected the proposed formula did not please quite a number of Kenyans who noted that Jubilee was wasting time by threatening its senators to support the formula, claiming they will still emerge winners, even if they are suspended from Jubilee party.

    “Threats and intimidation have proved not to work. Kind language is more understood without resistance. Throwing them away, we will to by election, waste more money, n still they will win. This will be humiliation to the president,” one user stated

    “But it is Evident that Murkomen/Sakaja axis is commanding the house as of Now.! Isn’t that funny! Let Phogisio&Kangata vacate their offices as majority leader & whip respectively. Too Much shame for a majority government in PARLIAMENT having Odm by its side being floored repeatedly; THE WRITING IS ON THE WALL, ” another user stated.

    “Where do you get this stupidity! Murkomen will still come back easily if you did a by-election!HANDSHAKE is properly being defeated!” another user added.

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