Controversial City Bishop issues stern warning to Kaligraph Jones and Bahati

    Renown rapper Kaligraph Jones and Bahati have angered controversial city preacher Bishop Godfrey Migwi, who has warned the duo of God’s impending wrath should they fail to change their ways.

    The controversial ‘man of God’ warned that the two musicians are inviting a curse upon themselves and their generations by wearing Priest gowns in their secular music videos.

    Taking to Facebook, Migwi asserted that rocking the Priestly gowns is the highest level of insult to the body of Christ that shall not go unpunished.

    The House of Hope preacher added that the duo are mocking God.

    “Using of clergy clothing’s for entertainment more so for secular songs and for personal gain is totally wrong, and it’s time for change. For your information this is the highest level of insult as far body of Christ is concerned”.

    “AM warning you misguided entertainers, you are attracting curses upon your life and your generations to come, I know you’re after fame and money but you’re completely lost, mark my words, you better repent and break the curses,God is never mocked ,Woe unto you and your generations to come after you Bahati and the one I heard he’s called kaligraph Jones, wearing Bishops gowns is wrong,” read part of his post.

    In their latest hits, the duo have been donning priestly robes.

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