Rapper Jimw@t now mentors youth on drug abuse

Calif Records lost child Jimwat is back in the headlines, but not about dropping new hits.

The Under 18 hitmaker has now channelled his focus to helping youth struggling with alcohol and drugs abuse.

Jimwat, alias James Mburu, is working through his Jimwat Solo Foundation and hopes to make a difference in youth’s lives.

According to the artist, one does not have to stay down when they fall down.

He adds that many youth are falling into depression because of lack of understanding of the ailment and what solutions are available for them.

“You can overcome drug abuse and move on without regret,” he told a local news site.

The news comes amid the Covid-19 pandemic, where many youth are struggling economically and mentally.

Comedian Paul ‘Wakimani’ Ogutu was recently in the news for having suffered depression, with many coming to his aid.

He has posted on his social media pages that he is coping well and thanked Kenyans for coming out to help him.

DJs have in the past featured in the news for turning to sell vegetables from the trunk of their cars to make ends meet.

Jimwat’s venture is further timely seeing as most of the entertainers have now been rendered jobless following the ban on public gatherings to curb the spread of coronavirus.

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