Singer Bahati explains why he no longer identifies as a gospel artist

Kevin Kioko or best known as Bahati has set the record straight on why he no longer identifies as a gospel artist.  In an interview with Churchill Raw host MC Jesse, Bahati said he had to untangle from the gospel industry after years of resentment. He further added that he has decided not to identify himself as a gospel artist anymore.

“I was fought a lot in the gospel industry so when I do a gospel song, I do it for God, not for the people. I just separated myself from the Gospel industry for a while, but I’m in Christ and the Lord is my personal saviour.

“I think right now Wanani is the most played song in the country, and it’s because it requested for by secular and gospel fans because I’m still a son of Christ,” said Bahati.

This revelation comes just a few months after the singer announced the end of his gospel music record label, eastlands most beloved, EMB.

In his YouTube channel, Bahati announced that his decision was as a result of frustrations. “Right now in the country as we speak, I have become one of the most talked-about artists, with the highest hate from people,” Bahati said.

“Hate is not bad. But what is the need of receiving hate from artists who I am helping from scratch? When I started to support them no one cared, but once they get famous, they create false stories to make themselves trend.’’

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