Former President Mwai Kibaki Hospitalised Again at a City Hospital

    Former President Mwai Kibaki has been readmitted at the Nairobi hospital after he was discharged from the facility barely two weeks.

    It has been reported that the former Head of State was taken back to The Nairobi Hospital on Monday 27 July after developing pain in the body and he is currently receiving treatment at the facility’s VIP section.

    The family of the former President has, however, not commented on what he is ailing from, but sources within the hospital privy to the information revealed that the former President was being treated for a similar condition that he was suffering from previously.

    “Mzee is around being taken care of by his doctors. He has undergone several tests once again to try to establish what could be the cause of the much pain he is in,” a source from the hospital stated.

    The former Country Head was previously admitted at the Nairobi hospital where he was treated for severer pain at the lower abdomen before being discharged.

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