Raila defies Jubilee blackmail over Revenue Bill, stands with the Historically Marginalized Communities

    Raila Odinga

    Raila Odinga has defied blackmail and instructed ODM Senators to vote against the proposed Revenue Allocation Bill. This follows numerous attempts by a group within State House, led by Jubilee Vice Chair David Murathe, to coerce the ODM leader to support the proposed formula despite the former premier’s opposition.

    On Sunday, David Murathe spent the whole day meeting new Jubilee Majority Whip in the Senate Irungu Kangata. This is despite an earlier reporting by a local daily that President Uhuru had sent Murathe to Watamu, to persuade Raila on the Bill.

    ”There was a story on the Sunday Nation, saying that Uhuru had dispatched Murathe to meet Raila in Watamu to settle this Revenue Allocation Bill debacle. That’s a lie,” a senior Jubilee official confided to this writer.

    The report claimed, Murathe was sent to explain to the former Prime Minister the Jubilee perspective and address fears by the ODM side. And what is at stake in case the vote collapses will also feature in the talks.

    ”Murathe paid journalists to write the story to fool Baba’s supporters. He spent today in meetings with Irungu Kangata. Mt Kenya is playing games with Raila and trying to blackmail him,” the official added, on condition of anonymity.

    The proposed formula takes away resources from the historically marginalised counties while giving the well-endowed and highly populated counties more money, and keeping to the recommendations of the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) to increase the resources to the counties by at least 35 per cent.

    Jubilee Majority Whip in the Senate had threatened Raila Odinga of unspecified consequences if his troops failed to support the government on the Bill.

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