ODM: We are tired of Kalonzo’s politics of Dishonesty, Cowardice and Backstabbing

    The Orange Democratic Movement has tore into Wiper Leader Kalonzo Musyoka, over the latter’s claim there exists a secret pact compelling Raila Odinga to back the Wiper leader in 2022. In an interview on Sunday, Wiper Leader claimed there exists a separate secret pact between him and Raila Odinga alone, and not other NASA Principals.

    “You cannot just assume that since I was the deputy to Raila, then ODM has to support me. These things have to be done expressly, which is what we have done under a separate arrangement that I can’t disclose at this stage. The arrangement is between Raila and I and not with the other parties in NASA. I am not free to talk about it because it is a highly confidential matter,” said Mr Musyoka on Sunday.

    However, in a hard hitting statement, ODM Secretary General Edwin Sifuna says it was typical of Mr Kalonzo’s character, as ”a two faced treacherous character who is always whining while seeking to reap where he did not sow”, to make such claims.

    ”We are however not surprised that Kalonzo is making those claims. It is typical of Mr Kalonzo’s character as a two faced treacherous character who is always whining while seeking to reap where he did not sow.

    ” It is a continuation of his “ kati kati” brand of politics. Kalonzo has indeed been variously described as a hyena who follows a man hoping the hands will fall,” the statement read in part.

    The Wiper leader over the weekend also claimed ODM as a party frustrated the NASA Coalition, making them seek to partner with the Jubilee Coalition. However, ODM refutes these claims by Mr Musyoka.

    ”Consistent with Kalonzo’s politics of whining and lying while seeking to reap where he has sowed nothing, he claims that ODM frustrated NASA and that that is the reason he is seeking a coalition agreement with Jubilee. Nothing could be further from the truth,” ODM says.

    Sifuna then proceeds to explain the circumstances under which NASA disintegrated.

    ”NASA became untenable after Kalonzo, Moses Wetangula and Musalia Mudavadi, in their usual cowardice, skipped the swearing in of its presidential candidate despite having committed to be present. They alone are responsible for the death of NASA,” he adds.

    With their subsequent withdrawal of financial support to the NASA Secretariat, ODM says it became clear they were dealing ”with very dishonest cowards who could not be depended on to put up a fight.”

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