Comedian Churchill speaks amid allegations of depression, frustration and deaths in his show

    Award-winning comedian Daniel Ndambuki alias Churchill has broken his silence and delved into the controversy surrounding the show amid accusations that the show’s management is frustrating comedians, leading to depression and death in some cases.

    The allegations were first laid bare by Zainabu Zeddy who stated that two comedians who recently died in controversial circumstances were depressed.

    In an episode aired on Sunday, 20 Jul 2020, Churchill acknowledged that he had seen the allegations on social media, adding that his journey to the top took years,

    “Watu wanongea sana hadi unashindwa where do you start. (People talk a lot) Everything is a journey and it has taken me almost 20 years now to do these journey series and we are not stopping,” he began.

    He urged comedians to embrace technology to grow their careers, stating that social media presents an excellent opportunity to grow their careers.

    “10 years ago you had to audition to become great but right now you can use social media. Now we are not in that era where unasema mtu amekukazia kukua kwa stage, oooh sasa huyu hanitakiii.

    “We did time for you guys. Now you are a brand, you even don’t need to be a brand, you just need to have great content to change that social media to media. You don’t have to be on TV, you don’t have to be on the radio,” Churchill stated.

    Zeddy had claimed that the show’ director, Victor Ber frustrated female comedians to give his wife Teacher Wanjiku undue advantage by eliminating competition.

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