Tanzanian woman saved by Ngilu arrives in Kitui for treatment

    Ms Masonga was admitted to the facility last night

    Ms Pendo Masonga,the Tanzanian woman who made Kitui Governor stop her motiorcade in the middle of the road has arrived in Kitui for treatment. Ms Masonga was admitted at the Kitui Teaching and Referral Hospital last night and will be undergoing her much needed maxillofacial surgery.

    ”Ms. Pendo Masonga arrived safely in Kitui last night and was received by our medical personnel at the Kitui Referral Hospital. Kitui Based Cuban Maxillofacial Surgeon Dr. Arelis Rabelo Castillo has examined her and admitted her at the facility for further tests and investigation after which she’ll undergo a maxillofacial surgery (a surgical specialty focusing on reconstructive surgery of the face). Let us all pray for Ms. Pendo during this journey,” the Governor posted on her social media.

    Governor Ngilu when she stopped her motorcade to meet Ms Pendo and her child.

    Governor Charity Ngilu on Friday morning warmed the hearts of Kenyans, after photos of her helping a sick Tanzanian mother leaked online. Ms Ngilu says she could not go home in peace after seeing Pendo Masonga in Nairobi.

    The 20-year-old Tanzanian national was sitting beside a road in Nairobi and had a malignant growth on her mouth. Ngilu stopped her official car, interacted with her together with her child and offered to pay for her medical procedure at the Kitui Teaching and Referral hospital.

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