A summary of President Uhuru address on the new Covid-19 restrictions.


Summary of the COVID-19 Address
6th July 2020
☑️ Cessation of movement in an out of Nairobi that is in place will lapse tomorrow, 7th July 2020
☑️ 9pm – 4am Curfew extended for a further 30 days
☑️ Kenyans are called upon to exercise cautious optimism and avoid reckless abandon.
☑️ In the next 21 days Gok shall observe patterns of interaction. If there will be a spike in the trend of infections, the country will return to lockdown at zero option
☑️ How the country proceeds from here shall be determined by the behavior of each one of us individually. We are called upon to be our brothers and sisters keeper
☑️ Kenyans are urged to avoid non-essential upcountry travel and also maintain social distancing, washing hands, sanitizing and be cautious when interacting with the elderly and those with depressed immune system
☑️ 100 people only allowed in places or worship at any given time. Worship services not to last for more than one hour. This will be done in line with strict conformity with all the applicable guidelines and protocols. Sunday school and Madrassa remain closed.
☑️ PSVs moving in and out of areas which were previously under cessation will require mandatory certification from MoH
☑️ Local flights to resume on 15th July in strict conformity with guidelines and protocols issued by MoH
☑️International’s travel in and out 1st of August strict conformity to guidelines and protocols issued by MoH
☑️ Restrictions on political gatherings and any other gathering of that nature extended by another 30 days
☑️ Restrictions on wedding and funeral attendance extended for a further 30 days

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