Shock as Parents of the Two Kids Found Dead in a Police Station Allegedly Sacrificed the Kids for Wealth

    New details have emerged on the death of two minors Alvina Mutheu and Henry Jactone whose dead bodies were found at Athi River Police Station linking parents of one of the kids to the killings.

    It has been reported that the family of a three-year-old girl Alvina and Henry aged four have recorded statements afresh with fresh details emerging that the two kids were killed for sacrifice.

    Sources privy to the information regarding the matter revealed that the suspected parents of one of the kids have been linked to cult after homicide detectives noted two strange things found on the kids’ bodies including how they were placed in the rear seats of the car they were found in.

    Reports further indicated that the boy was placed on top of a girl with both their heads facing the left side as preliminary investigations by the homicide detectives concluding that there was a significant link to occult practice.

    One of the sources further disclosed that the main reason for the parents sacrificing the innocent kids was to acquire wealth through killing their own child and any other.

    “There is crucial information which makes detectives believe the couple has a case to answer. From preliminary investigations into the cruel death, the incident might not have just been cruelty but a heinous act targeting a beneficial outcome,” the source revealed.

    One of the couples neighbor one also revealed that the couple had expressed unwillingness for neighbors to help in the search operations claiming they stated that they would do search themselves.

    “The matter is already under investigation, I have given my account to the investigating officers in confidence. I overheard my neighbor has been involved in a cult that calls human beings sacrifices to acquire riches. I heard that before the kids got lost and by the reaction as from when the kids went missing, I tend to believe he should be investigated, “the neighbour stated.

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