Babu Owino threatens to sue NTV over DJ Evolve’s story, demands an apology

    Embakasi East Member of Parliament Paul Ongili alias Babu Owino has threatened to sue NTV after airing Felix Orinda alias DJ Evolve’s health condition story, on Monday 29 June.

    The lawmaker through Okatch and Partners Law firm demands an apology from the Nation Media Group after airing DJ Evolve’s story on NTV and publishing the same on Daily Nation newspaper.

    In the letter, the lawmaker pointed out that the manner in which the media house packaged the news report was libelous and it painted his image badly in the eyes of the society members.

    “We have listened and watched the said story over and over and indeed at no point has the said Felix Orinda said that he was shot by our client. 

    “In fact, even before your news item, the said Felix Orinda has never ever stated in any form whatsoever that he was shot by our client. The Directorate of Public Prosecutions has further confirmed that in fact, Mr Orinda has never recorded a statement on the matter,” read part of the demand letter.

    The Embakasi East lawmaker further issued a two days ultimatum to the broadcaster to apologize, failure to adhere to the demands the lawmaker vowed to take legal action against the broadcaster.

    “Our instructions are to demand from you which hereby do that: You run an appropriate apology in the prime-time news on your television channel (and) you give an appropriate written apology to our client.

    “You admit liability for the slanderouslibelouss statements following which we shall proceed to address you on damages,” the letter read further.

    “Take notice that if we do not hear from you within two days from the date of this letter, we have strict and peremptory instructions to institute legal proceedings against you for slanderous and libelous defamation and also infringing on our client’s Constitutional right toa fair hearing and to be presumed innocent. 

    “We shall seek appropriate remedies which will include but not limited to aggravated and exemplary damages as well as costs of the action without any further reference to yourselves,” the letter added.

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