Ida Odinga Opens Up Over Raila’s ‘Nerve Problem’ And Why He Will Stay Longer In Dubai

    ODM honcho, Raila Odinga’s family has put to rest speculations over his health by opening up to what exactly is ailing the former Prime Minister who is recuperating in Dubai.

    Ida Odinga, elder brother Oburu Odinga and younger sister Ruth Odinga spoke speaking differently to a local paper confirmed that he is now out of danger, but would not be coming back soon.

    Ida said her husband was successfully treated of a nerve disorder affecting one leg, but needed more time to rest. Accordingly, he will stay in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) for some time until he is fit to resume his heavy political activities.

    The family has been stressed by rumors on social media to the effect that the former Prime Minister was suffering from other forms of ailments, terming them utterly outrageous.“Treat such rumors with utmost contempt and abhorrence. It’s not right to speculate on someone’s health,” Ida said.

    She asked that Kenyans of goodwill should treat him kindly in thought, prayer and wishes.

    “He is in the United Arab Emirates-Dubai based International Hospital run by Germans. He has been successfully treated of a mild nerve disorder affecting one leg and not what has been alleged,” she clarified.

    This was the first time Ida was opening up to speak about her husband’s condition. She said she speaks to him,” almost every hour or two” and that he was fine “and cheerful.”

    “God loves my family. I have been through tough times. My daughter was sick and got healed in Jesus name. I submit God loves me a lot, the ill talks in some social media discourses notwithstanding,” Ida added.

    Raila’s brother Oburu also confirmed that the surgery was successful and that the Opposition leader will have to stay in Dubai for a little more time.

    “We are grateful as a family that he was able to get through this. After consulting his doctors, we decided that he stays there to recuperate. He is admitted in a top-grade medical facility where he is being monitored after the surgery,” Oburu told the Standard.

    “He is a busy person given his position in the country’s political space and the African Union assignment that involves a lot of travelling. I don’t want to speculate on which day he will return, but it is not likely this week,” Oburu said.

    Last week, Oburu revealed that his brother had left the country for the UAE. This followed speculation on his whereabouts with the former PM’s communication team denying it.

    “Odinga is out of the country for a minor surgical operation on his back. It is not a serious health issue. So, he’s okay,” he said. Like Oburu, Ida, too, would not confirm or deny reports that the politician had left the country in an air ambulance, or say who accompanied him. Yesterday, Ida talked of him having nerve problems in the foot as contrasted to Oburu’s backache, although the two could be medically related.

    Odinga’s sister Ruth only confirmed that “Jakom is in good health.”“That’s all I can say for now,” she added.

    Raila’s last public engagement was on June 19 when he received a donation of foodstuffs from officials of the East African Ramgarhia Board’s Youth Association at their offices in Pangani for onward distribution to families affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

    Four days earlier, he publicly received his COVID-19 test results from Kemri and informed Kenyans that he was negative. Yesterday, he took to Twitter to congratulate the people of Malawi for electing President Lazarus Chakwera.

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