Hollow and far from the truth, Kibaki’s aide speaks about his hospitalization

    Former President Kibaki

    An aide to former President Mwai Kibaki has dismissed talks that the ex-president has been admitted fir days at the Nairobi Hospital. While speaking to one of the local dailies, Kibaki’s Private Secretary Ngari Gituku said the former Head of State only went to the facility for his usual routine check up.

    ” “I am reading some quarters saying that he has been in the hospital for ten days. That is far-fetched. It is completely hollow and far from the truth. I think it is time as Kenyans we also stopped being too intrusive on some of these things that are private especially one’s health,” Gituku said.

    He also it was a normal occurrence for any person to go for routine check up and that Kibaki was no exception to a doctor’s visit. He termed the talk of an alleged admission as an exaggaration.

    ”[It is normal and a routine thing for all of us to go to the hospital, and so is the case with His Excellency. We should not make it like it is abnormal. But on talk that he is admitted and has been there for ten days that is a gross exaggeration. He visited the hospital and went home,” Gituku said.

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