REVEALED: Large number of MPs could be infected by COVID-19

The Senate in session

Reports are emerging close to six legislators could be admitted to various facilities across the city, with COVID-19 related symptoms. According to a report published on The Standard, one of the lawmakers is admitted in the ICU and is fighting for dear life.

”Anxiety has hit Parliament after six legislators tested positive to coronavirus.The lawmakers are admitted in different hospitals in Nairobi, with one said to be in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU),’ the report reads.

It continues,” Meanwhile, sources revealed that many other legislators who had come into contact with their positive colleagues rushed to get tested during the weekend, raising fears that the number of the positive cases could rise once their results are released.

If these allegations are true, the number of infected MPs could be much higher than approximated, given the recent political activities. Last week alone, President Uhuru met over 100MPs of the Jubilee Coalition.

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