Popular KTN News Anchor Dumps Muslim Wife Just Two Years After Lavish Wedding

Celebrated KTN news anchor Ben Kitili and his ravishing wife Amina Mude have separated barely two years after tying the knot.

Through her Instagram page, Kitili’s wife, Amina announced the unfortunate turn of events but added that she was grateful for the good memories they shared during their union and their two beautiful children.

She was pragmatic enough to point that she knows not what the future had in store for them although a sneak peek into her Instagram timeline shows that she has deleted all photos belonging to Kitili.

According to Amina, there is no bad blood between them as they are focused on raising their two beautiful kids.

The couple exchanged nuptials at the attorney general’s chamber and later held an “invites only” low key ceremony at a Nairobi Hotel on November 16, 2018.

Their different religions had been an issue at the beginning but Amina said her parents finally accepted Ben.

Responding to a follower in the recent past, Amina, said that she does not condone criticism against her marriage.

I block all negative vybes,” she wrote.

Amina further revealed that even though their parents approve of the marriage, it was not easy.

She credited Kitili for being an ‘awesome’ guy, hence their different religious affiliations were a non-issue.

“In marriage, God is more important than religion. To those who are not so welcoming, we forgive you… you have a constitutional right to your opinion… however, should any of you cross the line against the law – as I said, I ‘ll protect my family with my all,” Kitili responded to the haters.

Last year, the couple welcomed their second baby, a boy whom they named Roman Hami Kitili after his grandfather and great, great grandfather who was named Kitili wa Muthengi.

“Another rock for my sling..Roman Hami Kitili..named Kitili after his grandfather and great, great grandfather, Kitili wa Muthengi, a legend who had 33 wives…” an excited Kitili wrote on social media.

The couple also has a daughter together

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