Why Uhuru Kenyatta may be next Prime Minister

    President Uhuru Kenyatta

    President Uhuru Kenyatta may be country’s next Executive Prime Minister, once the country passes the planned BBI Report. This follows reports from multiple sources that the Haji led steering committee has finished compiling the final report. The final document has decided to expand the Executive by creating the position of Prime Minister.

    Top handlers of President Kenyatta are convinced the head of state is still young and should not go into retirement. Those who believe in this line of thought say, even though the constitution bars President Kenyatta from vying for another presidential term, he still can serve the country as a Prime Minister.

    ”The president still has enough time to finish his development agenda he had in mind in 2013. He still is capable and strong to lead, even after 2022,” says a senior Jubilee official.

    Some of the MPs from Mt Kenya region also feel William Ruto has not given the Head of State enough time to deliver on his promises.

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