Meet Governor Waiguru’s PA Who Has No Education But Is Running The County

    As the Senate’s 11-member committee cleared Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru on Friday, June 26, one particular name kept cropping up even as the lawmakers were embroiled in the heated impeachment debate.

    So loud was this name that many angled to know more about her and her role in the well-orchestrated and complex web of corruption at the Kirinyaga County Government.

    But just who is this woman whom the Cleophas Malala-chaired committee fingered as the dominant figure in the crafty team tasked with running governor Waiguru’s dirty jobs?

    Pauline Kamau – the Nyeri born lady who quickly rose up the ranks from just a personal assistant to Waiguru (who then served as Devolution Cabinet Secretary) to one of her most trusted confidantes.

    A few months into her term as governor, Waiguru kicked out a much reputable and experienced Rose Wanjiru Wachira from the Director of Administration post and quickly elevated Pauline to the position.

    In her new role, Pauline became one of the most influential people within the county’s corridors of power and was involved in most of the tendering processes at the county.

    Her participation as the chair of several tender evaluation committees, Kirinyaga MCAs argued at the Senate, was one of the reasons that showed just how corrupt Waiguru’s regime is.

    The chairman of the Kirinyaga Public Service Board Kennedy Ngiavi confessed in parliament that Pauline was brought on board and made director irregularly despite lacking the bare minimum qualifications for the job.

    “I told the governor that Pauline was not qualified for the directorship but she (Waiguru) was adamant. She has no undergraduate degree required for the position, but she was hired for the job,” Ngiavi told the committee.

    In addition, Pauline’s position required at least 10 years’ experience which she did not have. In fact, during the buildup to her appointment, she did not present any academic qualifications to the County Public Service Board apart from her birth and Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) certificate.

    This, Ngavi says, caused great concern within the board, with some losing sleep over the likelihood of detectives from the Ethics and Anti Corruption Commission (EACC) sniffing around and unraveling such violations.

    According to procedure, Pauline was not supposed to sit in any tender committee. But she did.

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