H.E. Wycliffe Oparanya; The Quintessential Luhyia Leader.

    Mike Okusimba.

    Kakamega Governor, H.E. Wycliffe Ambetsa Oparanya has seen his national profile rise due to his stellar development record at the helm of kakamega county. If governors were to be elected for a third term, Hon. Oparanya would have an easy sail through. His popularity among the people of kakamega is incomparable. Its no secret that its because of this record that he was chosen to lead the Council of Governors, a significant position that champions the interests of county governments across Kenya.

    His ability to unite more than 8 subtribes of kakamega county is remarkable. Kakamega county represents a sample of the entire western Kenya that is made of 18 or 19 subtribes. Almost half of which reside in Kakamega county alone.

    These are the Batsotso, Idakho, Isukha, Wanga, Kabras, Kisa, Marama, Wanyala wa Ndombi, Wanyore, Bukusu and Maragoli, all of whom reside in Lugari area, amongst other tribes that work and live in Kakamega county that are not part of the 18 Luhyia subtribes.

    Any leader who successfully brings these communities together is not someone who can be taken for granted. In a land where there appears to be a leadership vacuum, Oparanya is the right man to answer that call. He is the quintessential Luhyia leader who has a proven ability to find the elusive Luhyia unity, considering the vast and diverse county he has managed for the last 8 years.

    Talk of Luhyia unity has been a topic of discussion in social media for a while; as it turns out, this has been an endless topic each election circle. Lack of a leader that commands grassroot connection has been major factor that haunts the Luhyia nation. Those who have been given the mantle seem to be unsure of what the role entails and are split between pursuing the broader national appeal or safeguard the home ground support. This confusion has led to endless drama between Luhyia leaders whose helm has yielded nothing to the common man save for their selfish interests and those who want a new direction in leadership of the Mulembe people.

    The entry of H.E Oparanya into the foray has attracted the attention of political spanner boys who have been quick to label the unity between the governor and the Devolution cabinet secretary as enemies of Luhyia unity. One wonder how? Yet those saying the same have been in government for decades with nothing to show for.

    Time has come for Mulembe nation to hold their so-called leaders accountable and ask the hard questions. What have the so called Luhyia spokespersons done for the Mulembe people. It’s time for practical solutions to issues at the heart of Luhyia people and we find that trait in H.E. Wycliffe Ambetsa Oparanya. This is the leader Luhyias have been waiting for.

    Luhyias do not need alliances that will not benefit their political interests in the current and future government arrangements. Because, this is the direction the current leadership of the so called Luhyia spokespersons are leading the Mulembe nation to.

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