See Karua’s reaction after Waiguru was cleared by Senate

    Martha Karua

    NARC-Kenya leader Martha Karua has spoken for the first time over the Imoeachment of Governor Waiguru, after she was cleared of all charges by the Senate. Taking to social media on Saturday, the former Justice Minister congratulated the people of Kirinyaga for what she called raising the bar of accountability high.

    ”Congrats kirinyaga countyAssembly, you raised the bar of accountability high by doing what the constitution and the laws mandate you to do . Keep your eyes on the ball and safe guard the interests of the people of kirinyaga county,” she posted.

    The committee led by Sen Malala had cleared Waiguru of any wrong doing and dismissed her ouster. Malala said the Kirinyaga County Assembly that had impeached the governor did not substantiate the charges of gross violation of the Constitution, abuse of office and gross misconduct.

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