PHOTOS: Waluke’s Rival Moses Nandalwe Faces the Wrath of Angry Protesters After Waluke’s Conviction, Cars Smashed With Stones

Sirisia Member of Parliament John Waluke’s political rival Moses Nandalwe faced the wrath of angry protesters who attacked him after the sentencing of Waluke.

Nandalwe was caught up in the mix at Sirisia market on his way to Bungoma town where his two cars, a Mercedes-Benz and Toyota V8 was pelted with stones by the aggrieved protesters by the sentencing of the lawmaker who linked him to the problems that befall the area legislator.

The caption of Nandalwe’s smashed V8 Car

The youthful politician in an exclusive interview confirmed that he sustained minor injuries during the clash but his two cars were damaged.

“My convoy was attacked at Sirisia market by hired goons and Waluke supporters as I was on my way to Bungoma town to check on mys ailing friend at Bungoma West Hospital,” Moses confirmed.

According to Nandalwe, the incident was accidental and that he was just a victim of the demonstrations.

“Protesters were strategically positioned at Sirisia CDF office and immediately I arrived there they started throwing stones and smashed the rear windscreen of my V8 and Sunroof of the Mercedes Benz. I pass that place almost on a daily basis and they know my cars,” he started.

The incident took place barely days after Nandalwe was spotted praying for the Sirisia lawmaker before the MP’s sentencing despite not being in good terms since 2013.

“I will not retaliate, revenge nor take them to court. They are still my people. In fact, I am willing to help him (Waluke) financially so that he gets out of prison,” he added.

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Written by Emily Odeny


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