67 Years: Why MP Walukhe’s sentencing should worry DP Ruto

The sentencing of Sirisia MP John Walukhe and Grace Wakhungu should worry Deputy President William Ruto. This is based on two premises, that is, the ruling may be used as threshold for future and similar cases and, two, it may be used on Ruto’s allies.

A number of pundits believe there is a group of plotters, involving powerful both within government and outside who are working round the clock to ensure DP Ruto does not run for presidency.

With the Corruption tag hanging on his neck, Ruto may as well go the Walukhe way, if not, the state can begin to ruthlessly seize his assets instead of a long jail term.

”This is a very clever move, if at all it came from the famous Stop Ruto Movemet. This is high octane politics some of us may not be able to understand,” says Mwamba, a political science lecturer in one of the local universities.

The Tanga Tanga MP (Walukhe) was sentenced to seven years in jail Thursday, or pay a fine of Sh707 million after conviction over a Sh297 million scandal.

It was the same sentence declared for his co-accused Grace Wakhungu. Their company Erad General Suppliers was also convicted for 7 years, a sentence they will serve, but since the sentences run concurrently it means they will only serve seven years each, if they default in paying the fine.

The two and the company were found guilty of various offences, each carrying sentences of between one to seven years, with varied fines all totalling to Sh707,725,562 for Wakhungu and Sh727,725,562 for Weluke

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