Is Ruto the long awaited Savior of the downtrodden?

    DP Ruto

    Can you buy a bench for 150,000 shillings? Well, Deputy President on Thursday bought one, after a post on social media, over the bench went viral. on Thursday, June 25th, Ruto met the carpenters at his Karen home, a meeting attended by other jua kali artisans too.

    The artisans, Odhiambo and Otieno may just have had their long awaited breakthrough by the simple move from Ruto. With his massive following, both online and from the public, the two artisans have won themselves a free advertising and a massive endorsement from the Hustler Nation brand.

    Whether it was for political gains or just a genuine generosity deep from his heart, William Ruto just changed the lives of these two Kenyans.

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