How LSK President Nelson Havi and Lawyer Ahmednassir Earned Millions From Maize Scandal As Kenyans Starved

Lawyer Ahmednasir Abdullahi has come out guns blazing after he was linked to the much-publicized Sh313 million maize scandal which on Friday saw Sirisia MP, John Waluke sentenced by a Nairobi court

The prominent lawyer was named as one of the main beneficiaries of the scandal for having received Sh40 million which was paid through the Ahmednasir and Abdikadir Company Advocates.

The accusation landed him in trouble with netizens, who went on a rampage on Twitter thus forcing the vocal lawyer to come out and clear the air over his involvement.

The senior counsel claimed that he received the money for representing his clients in two applications filed before the appellate court and that he was fairly earning fees as a lawyer

“I instructed to as lead lawyer to lead the lawyer on record in two applications before the Court of Appeal. I was successful in BOTH…I charged fees and WAS PAID. I have ZERO APOLOGY for that,” he wrote.

Law Society of Kenya (LSK) President also found himself on the wrong side of KOT after his tweet on Waluke and Grace Wakhungu.

Waluke and his co-accused were fined over Sh700 million or face seven years in prison after they were found guilty of fraud of over Sh313 million maize scandal.

After the ruling by magistrate Elizabeth Juma on Thursday, Havi took to social media claiming that the ruling was ‘criminal’.

“John Waluke and Grace Wakhungu contracted with NCPB. NCBP breached the contract. Arbitrator ordered payment. Award was enforced by High Court,” Havi said.

He added “NCPB lost before High Court and Court of Appeal and paid the decree. How can that be a crime? Do not celebrate fraudulent convictions.”

Havi went on to say that they will take action on the magistrate.

“…we have had a Judge removed from office for similar misbehavior. We know what to do and will do it with military precision,” he said.

His tweet attracted mixed reactions from Kenyans who faulted him for taking sides with the corrupt.

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