Anger As 17 Year Old Homa Bay Girl Is Raped By Facebook Lover And Two Other Men

    Talk of unfortunate turn of events. On Friday, June 5, a teenage girl who lives with her aunt in Mbita, Homa Bay County, called her mother to say she would be visiting her later that day.

    However, she did not get home. Her phone had been switched off later Friday evening.

    “My 17-year-old daughter stays with her aunt, who lives in Mbita. She (daughter) told me that she would come home on Friday, June 5. When I called her later Friday to inquire, why she had taken long to arrive home, she said I shouldn’t worry, and that she’d be home soon. In the evening, her phone line was unreachable. I did not know where she had gone to, or what had happened to her,” said the minor’s mother.

    The mother of the girl, who was allegedly defiled by three men in separate occasions in early June, has now urged police to arrest and prosecute her daughter’s sexual abusers.

    The aggrieved mother, who hails from Homa Bay County, went on,

    “On Tuesday, June 9, I received a call from a police officer attached to Mbale Police Station. The cop asked me to go to the station because my daughter was seriously ill. I was shocked; I did not know how she got to Mbale in Vihiga County, a place that I, personally, had never set foot in. I was told that she met one of her defilers on Facebook.”

    The girl, in her report to police, said she had known one of the defilers — identified only as Vincent — on Facebook, and that he had invited her to his home in Mbale, a distance of 210 kilometers from Mbita.

    “He told me to use my money to travel to his place, and that he will refund once I get there,” she said.

    While in Mbale, the host, Vincent, allegedly defiled her and kicked her out of his house without giving her money to travel back home.

    “While stranded, I met a boda boda rider, who promised to provide me with somewhere to shelter for the night. He further said that the following day, he will take me to Kisumu, where I will board a bus home. He took me to a lodging facility in Kakamega, where he defiled and stole my phone.

    “On returning to Mbale, I met yet another man, who took me to Vincent’s place. We found the door had been locked. The then-curfew cut-off hour of 7pm had clocked. So, the man told me he would take me to his place, where I would spend the night. While at his home, he defiled me and kicked me out the following morning,” she said.

    “The person who invited her to Mbale should be arrested and prosecuted,” said the victim’s parent.

    The girl, however, says despite knowing where her Facebook friend lives, she does not know his full name.

    The teenager has identified her last defiler as one Davies, who “stays near Mbale High School”.

    One of the suspects, David Nyangweso, has since been arrested and arraigned. He is being held in custody as investigations into the matter continue.

    The victim sat her KCPE exams in 2017, and was staying with her aunt after failing to secure secondary school admission.

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