Video: Peddlers busted while transporting Bhang in gas Cylinders.

    Bhang peddlers have taken their business a notch higher by inventing a new secret way of transporting their illicit drug from one town to another.

    In a surprising plot to conceal their activities, the peddlers stack their marijuana inside gas cylinders to evade the authorities as they smuggle their way to their clients.

    However, the fortieth day of the peddlers came before they expected after a multi-agency team acting on a tip intercepted the suspects and busted them ferrying the bhang in the cylinders.

    A member of the public said he had β€œa smell of something like bhang” while emanating from the cylinder and made a report to the police prompting the law enforcement officers to split the gas container open, and, as a result, made the shocking discovery.

    Lots of kilograms of bhang whose value was not immediately established was found inside the gas container

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