Angry Kenyans Tear Naivasha Prison Officials Apart After Releasing Notorious Criminal By Mistake

    The entire Naivasha Maximum Prison administration on Wednesday 24 June landed themselves in trouble after releasing a renowned criminal by mistake.

    According to the prison report, the suspect identified as Peter Kamau Ngige who was arrested on account of robbery with violence shared a name with an inmate who was arrested for an alcohol-related violation.

    The prison officials’ explanation on setting free a notorious criminal by mistake has, however, not been taken lightly with Kenyans who only pointed out incompetence among the prison administrators as others questioned how could a maximum prison in Kenya let this happen?

    “How na ako na file iko na makosa yake?” One Kenyan wondered.

    “It is surprising at how Peter Ngigi became aware that he shared a name with a fellow inmate, knew the release date of the other prisoner, bypassed all the security apparatus in a maximum prison, and managed to successfully secure his release, ” another Kenyan asked in disbelief.

    Naivasha residents are now sent in panic mode as the suspect is believed is capable of causing more trouble in the are and their only hope to have the suspect apprehended with an immediate effect before he causes damage.

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