Duale’s Ex Side chick Celebrates His Fall From The Powerful Majority Leader Position

Veteran politician Nazlin Umar like a typical jilted lover could not hide her joy over the woes that have befallen Garissa Township Aden Duale following his unceremonious ouster on Monday June 22.

Aden Duale was replaced as Majority Leader by Mr Amos Kimunya. His ex-mistress Nazlin Umar took to her Facebook Page where she post a cartoon allegedly mocking Duale.

“This is too much, I can’t stop laughing!! My ribs have broken. Someone please translate what Aden Duale is saying,” she captioned the cartoon adding 22 laughing emojis.

Nazlin Umar has been at loggerheads since their affair came into limelight in 2017.

Duale, the abrasive and tough talking politician apparently has a soft side as was revealed by the audio recordings in our possession are anything to go by.

Nazlin Umar Rajput, is the fetching former presidential aspirant and founder chair of the National Muslim Council of Kenya.  

 The 10-minute recording reveals that the two lovebirds were in an intense three-year affair which the bombshell wanted to end due to that not-so-small matter of Duale not spending quality time with her.

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