Bomet County: Why the DCI and DPP needs to pay them a Visit; Governor Barchok paying Pending Bills selectively!

    Information Reaching Kenyan Report indicate that Bomet Governor, H.E.Dr. Hillary Barchok, is a man how who selectively picks contractors that get paid regardless of how long their payments have been pending. Our sources reveal that Bomet County has Pending bills dating back more than 5 years ago.

    While its fair to say that the governor assumed office barely 2 years ago, following the death of H.E. Joyce Laboso (RIP); there no excuse why the good governor cannot obey the presidential directive issued a few months prior to his assumption of office.

    The governor cannot hide behind the need to perform an audit on projects that have undergone several audits with each successive regime, especially when he was part of the last regime. He should expedite the payment of any pending bills as announced by the president to help contractors who have undergone significant loses having used borrowed funds to complete county projects.

    His reluctance and lack of interest in resolving this issue has led to Junior officers and department heads to further frustrate contractors & suppliers pending payments, especially if you have not parted with a bribe, regardless of the pending amount.!!

    Those who can’t afford bribes are subjected to further suffering; their invoices cannot be approved, instead, they are pushed back for flimsy reasons as to why they can’t be approved, some which don’t make sense. A mere sense of entitlement, to prove that they have the power to influence payment and that you can’t do anything if you don’t play along. If you bribe, you have to bribe at every stage until the end! corruption in the entire finance department stinks to the high heavens. There appears to be a common language among the finance department that,” The systems are down, IFMS is not working”. This is a language used to dismiss someone trying to make a follow up on their payment. It is believed that the “Systems are down language is just a softer way to ask for a bribe, because for those who do, the system works for them immediately.

    Apparently, this rotten culture of corruption has been the norm within Bomet county. Many people have been frustrated and been made to make several trips to the county headquarters and wait for officers needed to sign off documents, only to leave without anything done. It’s a high time the DCI and the office of DPP investigated Bomet county and create an example hold the governor and all officers involved accountable. There is no reason why a young Kenyan citizen completes his work, its inspected by all senior officers, verified by all necessary officials and yet they cannot receive payment. This MUST stop and brought to an end. All pending bills MUST be paid and those that can’t be paid explained in details why? Shame on you Governor Barchok and your officers. Someone borrowed funds to complete these projects and they deserve to be paid for the job done.

    Infrastructural projects are Worse, especially the water Department. The Entire Department from County Executive, chief officers, all the Engineers plus Finance officers and accountants can really frustrate someone. They cannot write a report (minutes) unless you Bribe your way. Without their report, they can’t raise and approve a certificate, which is mandatory in before approving the invoice. They will keep raising new claims every time to frustrate someone. These include fresh Audits as mentioned above, even if projects have been audited before. If bribes are not given, one will get new complains about the project that will be asking for additional works to be redone again.

    Contractors have suffered great losses for delay in payments in water department in Bomet county. Most of the contractors in the water department are always new ones because no contractors want to work for the county. These water department officers are untouchables. They do what they want and no one can question them.

    One contractor in the water department hasn’t been paid their dues since 2016 when they completed their project. Every attempt to get their payment is blamed on “IFMS is Down” excuse. This has been the case despite countless trips to the county headquarters. County water department officers have been reluctant to sign off the necessary documentation needed for payment to be processed even after everything else is complete.

    The contractor who did not want to be named for fear of retaliation, has been very much disappointed and doesn’t know what else to do. Bomet county MUST compel its officers to pay these contractors their dues alongside all others who are owed their payment in order for them to pay loans they borrowed in order to get this project done. Four years of pending payments is a long time and Barchok and his entire team deserve a visit from the DCI and DPP in order to review all the pending bills and why they haven’t followed the presidential directives. Enough is enough.

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