Betty Kyalo, Denis Okari Bury The Hatchet, Pair Pictured Sharing Fun Moments With Daughter

Former K24 TV TV siren Betty Kyallo and her ex-husband Dennis Okari have buried the hatchet after years of being on each other’s necks following their controversial divorce.

The pair are now successfully been co-parenting.

This came fore on Sunday as they celebrated their daughter, Ivanna’s sixth birthday.

Betty who uploaded the event on her YouTube channel also took time to reminisce over their daughter long illness that tore them apart even more.

“I woke up one day last year and she couldn’t walk. The next day she could not talk, she couldn’t eat, she couldn’t sit…it just went downhill for so long before I even knew what was wrong. I always looked at her bed whenever I came home from the hospital and I always wondered “will she ever come home to her bed?” a tearful Betty said.

Also present during the birthday was Okari who took a knee as he praised his little girl.

“I´ll be the first man to go on my knees for you, before that boy comes. You are the most intelligent, the most smartest, the most beautiful, precious daughter anyone would have on this world.I pray for God´s blessings on your life and may you impact many more generations,” the investigative journalist said.

As he planted a kiss on Ivanna’s cheek, Betty was seen crying.

Speaking to comedian Jalang’o on his YouTube channel two weeks ago, the former anchor revealed that she and Okari are doing great when it comes to raising Ivanna.

“Right now I’ve grown so much…the person who used to be Betty two or three years ago is not the same person I am today. There are things that we came to realize are very important about our lives; that it’s not just always about us as adults,” she said.

She also noted that everyone is on the same page including Okari’s new wife, Naomi.

“So, yes, we are on very good terms with both him and his family and his wife…and we’re making sure that Ivanna is getting the love that she deserves; daddy and mummy’s love. It is so important to nurture that relationship between a dad and his little girl,” she continued.

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