Kenyans on Twitter Tear Esther Passaris Appart Over Harsh Father’s Day Message

    Kenyans on Twitter have slammed Nairobi Women Representative Esther Passaris after sending a scathing father’s day message.

    Taking to her Twitter handle page, the Nairobi Women Rep. called upon men in a bitter message to hold their fellow fathers, uncles, male, relatives, friends and neighbours accountable.

    Passaris further took a serious swipe at fathers staying that fathers need to shape up and stop rampant defilement of kids, urging men to stop protecting sexual predators.

    “Whilst we celebrate Father’s Day today, I call on MEN to hold their fellow fathers, uncles, male relatives, friends and neighbours accountable. Fathers need to shape up and stop the rampant defilement of our children. Stop protecting sexual predators. Speak up! #Fathersday2020,” Passaris posted.

    Passaris proclamation, however, was not taken lightly with Kenyans online who fired back at the Nairobi lawmaker.

    A section of Kenyans on social media told Passaris to let men celebrate this special day in peace without highlighting unwarranted debate.

    “Eish Mahesh, si ungengoja kwanza tu celebrate leo…tupewe sifa tu leo, then we can discuss this from tomorrow. We will surely speak up from tomorrow. Happy Fathers Day to your dad, hubby, uncles, male relatives, and friends,” one user by the name Eric responded.

    “Is this the message you are sending to your father and sons,..or it’s for the poor father’s out there!,..shame on you!” Another user added.

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