Celebrated Ugandan Activist Stella Nyanzi Reveals How She Found Out Her Husband Was Gay

Revered Ugandan activist Stella Nyanzi has opened up on how her former husband revealed he was gay, after several years together and three kids down the line.

Nyanzi, known for her fierce criticism of President Yoweri Museveni’s government , has consistently announced she is a single mother of three.

And in a recent interview, the former Makerere University lecturer laid it all bare on the revealed that her ex-husband – the father of her children was of West African descent, .

“So I leave Uganda and head to the Gamba where I fall in love with this man (called) Osnam,” narrates Nyanzi.

“I married him in a Muslim mosque (even though I am a Christian). I loved Osman so much. He is still my best friend. I saw our union as a merging of East and West Africa.”

“We relocated to London and got Rehma, my first daughter. We were poor immigrants but so much in love. We lived in shoddy areas as students but it didn’t matter. It was love that saw me through my PhD. At the end of the PhD, I realise I have conceived twins. At the time my hu

sband’s country (Gambia) has a lock down of sorts against homosexual men and he is staying in the UK on my visa, which is a student visa. He tells me to go to Uganda and he will follow me.

When I get to Uganda he tells me he is not coming to join me in Africa. He reveals he will be applying for asylum to leave in the UK as a gay. I was like ‘what’?”

Since, Nyanzi, an aspiring politician, has had to raise the children all by herself.

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