Waruguru: Ruto is a very selfish leader, only thinks of himself

    Cate Waruguru

    Laikipia Women Rep Cate Waruguru says DP William Ruto is opposing the BBI because he is a very selfish leader who does niot think about the plight of common mwananchi but himself.

    While speaking to Inooro TV on Wednesday night, the Laikipia Women Rep, who has been an ardent member of the Tanga Tanga outfit revealed the Mt Kenya region is fully behind President Kenyatta as he is the one who will determine the region’s political direction.

    ”William Ruto is opposing the BBI because he thinks the document wants to stop him from the presidency. He only thinks about himself,” the Women Rep said.

    ”The ground has shifted. Tanga Tanga should stop lying to William Ruto. Kikuyu are not foolish. They don’t support a dying horse. If Uhuru says right, we’ll go right. On the ground, you can’t win without President Uhuru support. Let no one lie to you. Hustler Nation is hor air.”

    Waruguru, who decamoed from the Tanga Tanga outfit after meeting ODM leader Raila Odinga says the DP used her to to fight President Uhuru Kenyatta and she offered her apologies to the Kikuyu Nation for misleading them to the DP’s camp.

    “I’ve said enough is enough. Ruto has misused me for many days . He has used me to attack President Uhuru, Raila Odinga and Soil Jubilee’ administration name. I’ve now seen the light..Before President Uhuru picked Ruto in 2013,he was just a mere MP. From a mere Mp, Ruto made him our Deputy President. Without President Uhuru’s support, Ruto’s 2022 dream is as good as dead,” she added.

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