Kuria: Waruguru is rebelling because of being dumped after cheating on a senior Tanga Tanga leader.


    Laikipia Woman Representative Cate Waruguru is in trouble after getting a child outside wedlock, Moses Kuria has claimed.

    The Gatundu South MP claimed that the vocal female MP’s decision to rebel against Tanga Tanga are due to infidelity and family frustrations.

    According to Moses Kuria, Waruguru’s started having troubles in her marriage after her husband reportedly requested for a DNA for their newborn baby.

    The controversial Gatundu South MP adds that the husband allegedly took off after realizing that the baby was not his and Waruguru reportedly resisting the tests.

    “This is why Waruguru is ranting. She got a baby early this year. Her Rift Valley lawyer ‘husband’ was convinced the baby was his. At some point he asked for a DNA test. The results proved that the baby was fathered by a business associate of the current Kirinyaga Governor. Lawyer took off,” Moses Kuria said in a Facebook post.

    In 2018, Cate Waruguru grabbed attention of the nation after she was kicked out of a Kericho hotel for failing to produce a marriage certificate.

    The youthful Laikipia woman rep surprised many after ditching Deputy President William Ruto’s camp for Raila Odinga.

    She is back on the mainstream news after dumping her long time favorite leader DP William Ruto for Raila Odinga.

    The Laikipia Women representative has since launched scathing attacks against Ruto, saying the deputy president is an unforgiving and vengeful character who is unfit to lead this country.

    This is despite the fact that the DP attended the baby shower of her baby in November last year.

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