The Complicated Love Life Of Controversial Billionaire Lawyer Donald Kipkorir Who Married at 50

Controversial city lawyer Donald Kipkorir likes to keep his personal life from the public eye, with much less known about his wife Noni Weru.

Kipkorir, the figurehead behind KTK Advocates law firm, married Noni in 2017 at the age of 50.

The flamboyant lawyer, rumored to be a billionaire and one of the wealthiest people in the Country became the subject of wagging tongues over why he was not settling down.

A year before he tied the knot, Kipkorir, who disclosed his mother and retired President Daniel Arap Moi were always pressuring him to get married, shed light into what made him reluctant in looking for a life partner.

In an exclusive interview with celebrated journalist Jackson Biko, he disclosed he developed negativity towards marriage out of his childhood trauma, having been brought up in a troubled family where his father mistreated his mother.

“The general philosophy of my life is to be happy. So I don’t want stress. My mum didn’t have the best of marriages. My dad died about seven years ago, but he wasn’t the best father or husband,” he said in an interview published by Business Daily.

“My mum wasn’t the happiest woman and I don’t want to have such a relationship. But of course my dad’s soul rests in peace,” Kipkorir said.

The vocal lawyer was born in Cheptongei village in Elgeyo Marakwet county and was a third born in a family of nine. 

Asked by Biko whether he thought he inherited some traits from his father which informed his view for marriage he said:

“I don’t talk about my dad because he moved on. But I try to be who he wasn’t. My mum is my role model. I want to be like her. She’s a humble woman, so rich in spirituality and in sacrifice. She had nothing, but she gave us so much,” Kipkorir said.

Although he was not officially married at the time of interview, the lawyer revealed he had sired children and adopted others, adding the hardest being a father was he lived with none of them. 

“Because they live with their mothers, I don’t have the time to grow up with them. That’s the hardest thing. So I may not get to understand them so much, but I try to go on holidays with them, meet them, share their career choices, their schoolwork, advise them. I’m in touch with them and I meet them regularly,” Kipkorir said as quoted by Business Daily.

The journalist, who is also known as Biko Zulu, asked him how many children he had and Kipkorir replied: “In our culture we don’t count children.”

Donald proposed to the love of his life, Noni Weru aboard an Emirates flight in December.

It will be remembered how he brought Nyeri town to a standstill last year when he went to pay bride price at his wife’s posh family home in Chaka.

The lawyer made an entrance like no other complete with choppers and expensive SUV’s that left the town mesmerized.

A divorcee with two daughters from an earlier marriage, Noni and Donald have a son together.

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