Many Single Kenyans In the Diaspora Signing up with “Kenyan Match” to find their soulmates.

    The Kenyan Diaspora has grown by Leaps and bounds, from the thousands in Dubai, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the entire middle East, to those in China, Europe, North America, New Zealand and Australia. These demographics comprise of men and women, young and old, who are pursuing different interests in these countries.

    However, a new problem especially from the diaspora seems to be emerging, that is the rise in the number of single, professional young women and men who are increasingly finding it hard to find a man or woman who is serious and ready to settle.

    Then came the Kenyan Match,, a website that links Kenyans from all across the world seeking relationship and love. This site is not just limited to Kenyans, its tailored towards those with interests in finding love.

    Maina, a single man in his early 30’s was ready to settle down. However, he could not find a match in his hometown of Seattle. He thought of going back to Kenya to look for a wife, when he came across, the Kenyan match website. After going completing the signing up process, he was able to see profiles of many single women on the website. He reveals that he initiated a chat with a lady from Kennesaw Georgia whom she met on Kenyan match and it’s going well.

    So far, they have been chatting for some time until they started talking recently, all withing a period of six months. He says that he is very grateful for Kenyan match for providing a platform where many single Kenyans have a chance to meet and interact. According to Maina, he was scared of dating sites because people put up fake profile photos, but thank God to Zoom and Whats App, video calling has made it easy once you initiate the calling phase.

    On her part, Jacky, a 35-year-old single nurse believes she has worked hard through brutal nursing program to where she is currently. She says that life is tough especially in the United States, he works schedule makes it hard for her to date, considering that she works during the weekend and she is off during the week which doesn’t help for most single people who prefer going out during the weekends.

    For Jacky, she hasn’t been very lucky relationship wise, but she wants to settle down and have a family. Single men in Dallas are rare, she says; and those she finds are not ready to settle down. A friend told her about Kenyan match, that’s when she checked the site on google.

    Just like Maina above, she had a stigma about online dating, but she says that her experience on Kenyan match has changed her perspective. She gets a chance to meet and talk to several options of men at the same time before she makes up her mind, something that she prefers because she says in traditional dating, sometimes people spend more time together and end up ending their relationship which is time consuming especially for ladies who invest a lot of time in trying to know someone. Luckily enough, Jacky found someone in Dallas, and they are currently talking. They plan to meet when the economy is opened up.

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