Drama as Talai Elders Expel Faction That Rubbished Ruto’s Coronation as Kalenjin Kingpin

The controversy surrounding Deputy President William Ruto’s last week coronation by Talai council of elders in Nandi took has deepened after the association expelled their vice-chairman.

The council’s vice chairman Christopher Koyogi was expelled on Tuesday following deliberations among the 22 Talai clansmen at a meeting held at Kapsisiywa in Chesumei Constituency on Thursday last week.

Among the accusations leveled against Koyoki is his alleged coronation of former Prime Minister Raila Odinga (ODM) in Kapsabet on June 6, 2017, without consulting the elders.

The elders led by the chairman Rev James Bassy, Moses Saina (Secretary), Christopher Agui (Treasurer), Amos Korir among others yesterday named Mr Lawrence Nganai as Koyogi’s replacement.

Both Nganai (the new vice chairman)and Koyogi (the ousted VC) belong to Kapturkan Clan, the lineage of Koitaleel arap Samoei.

The elders reiterated that the DP got their blessings witnessed by the five sub-clans of Kapturgat, Kapsonet, Kapsogon, Kamursoi and Kapchesang.

80 year old Koyogi who served as a Councillor for Kaspsisiywa for over a quarter-century, strongly criticized Ruto’s coronation claiming that it was done while President Uhuru Kenyatta was still in office.

Koyogi dismissed the event and said they had installed President Uhuru as a leader in 2013 and were yet to identify another leader to be decorated with the leadership regalia and blessings.

“We gave Uhuru our blessings, and we can’t give DP Ruto blessings when Uhuru is still in power,” Koiyogi said during a meeting at Kapsisiywa.

But the clan, in a statement follwing delibertaion that ousted Koyogi, accused the elder of  being sly and [because he had] carried out illegitimate coronation of Raila Odinga in 2017 in Kapsabet while President Uhuru was still president. In 2011, he presided over the coronation of Martha Karua at Kapsisiywa without the consent of Talai elders. Kibaki was still in office then.

The elders termed Koyogi’s remarks as ‘malicious outbursts and propaganda that do not have the blessings of Talai council of elders’.

“Koyogi ceases to be a member of the council and is barred from attending Council of Elder, Kaburwo Council of Elders and Mioot Council of Elders meetings,” read the letter.

“Why should they go to the press when they have written to me? The letter has been copied to Kaburwo and Myoot council of elders, which are different entities from Talai elders,” said Koyogi.

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