What are you doing with your 20’s?

    Well we all want to be rich and successful however to become an ideal woman is no joke. Like any lady out there I share in the same aspiration and this is my story I commenced by first analyzing various ways on how to make it and doing what most of 18-year olds would not do was my first realization.

     I volunteered at an organization that provided basic education to underserved school; this is where I met great minds with great visions. Exposure is key to growth and a great combination of grapes brews great wine. I made friends with those of similar mindset making it easier to see the possibility of things. I served as a team leader pioneering various projects and ensuring smooth running in my team.

    Through the organization’s trainings, my leadership skills were enhanced. My time of service was over and I had to join school, my dream career was calling. One way or another I had to keep my word to myself that my dream would come true, and it was coming to pass though it would take me longer than expected. In between school I applied for a job at a local bakery in order to sustain my wants.

    I worked in the packaging department as I learnt how various departments worked. Customer service became one of my favorites and soon I was at the front counter serving and learning all about financial recording. On my vision board I aimed on being the best employee, surly no hard work goes unnoticed.

    Time is of the essence and soon I was the assistant manager requiring me to learn more from purchase of ingredients to production and sales of produce. Malicious minds never saw for a long time and the spot for the manager was open and I applied. Despite the fact that I had just turned 20 I was sure I am never too young to make steps.

     I was a manger. The following are some of the things I laid emphasis on, quality production and accountability to make all parties satisfied, self-drive among employees, efficiency and taking up responsibility. Creating a favorable environment for working was another scoop on its own, being young and expected to make peace among adults was hustle. My mentor /boss came in handy on how I would tackle various challenges.

     Within no time I had mastered the art on how things were running and I was on the road to improvement as I recorded one of the best sales. Passion drove me as everything became familiar under my mentor ‘swing, she was indeed proud of the efforts and passion I had put into my new profound passion in managing.

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